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Please find the below notice fm Hong Kong Civil Aviation regading the full implemenation of the ICAO new policy on 100% x-ray for export cargo in progressive phases.
At the 1st stage, starting 01JAN2020, all  bulk cargo will be subject to X-RAY before acceptance.
At the 2nd stage, starting 01MAY2020, all bulk cargo and e-commerce will be subject to X-Ray before accpetance.
Addiontinal FOB Charges:
X-Ray : hkd0.6/kg min hkd45.0/shpt  / usd0.08/kg min usd6.0/shpt
X-Ray Handling : hkd0.2/kg min hkd150.0/outlay  / usd0.03/kg min usd20.0/outlay
Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[國際民航組織新政策實施期限為 2021年6月30日]

過渡期階段 日期 管制代理人為已知貨物實施的安檢百分比要求
(由現時的已知/帳戶)托運人所托運的貨物) (按重量計算)
現行管制代理人制度下的質量控制要求 - 1%
第一階段 2020年1月 – 2020年4月 (註 4) 25%
(註 5)
第二階段 2020年5月 – 2020年8月 (註 4) 40%
(註 6)
第三階段 2020年9月 – 2021年2月 (註 4) 70%
(註 6)
第四階段 2021年3月 – 2021年6月 (註 4) 100%
(註 7)
經修訂的過渡期安排的詳情已刊登於民航處網頁內 (。
The Civil Aviation Department (CAD) today (September 13, 2019) announced adjustments to the transitional arrangement on the security screening of air cargo in preparation for the implementation of a new policy direction issued by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).  The adjustments have taken into account the views of the air cargo industry.
Details of the revised transitional arrangement have been published on the CAD’s website (
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